Our leather goods item is a luxury product and it needs special care to preserve its exceptional character. Below please find some advice on care and simple gestures that you can follow daily:

To maintain its elegant shape over the years, it is important not to overload it.
Be careful not to leave it exposed to any sources of heat, light, or humidity.
Protect it from contact with any chemical or greasy substances (perfume, alcohol, solvents, make-up). If your bag becomes wet, use a tissue or absorbent cotton to tap lightly on the damp spot.
It is imperative that you do not use any water-repellent product on your bag, as this would damage it.
When you put it away, place it upright in its soft cover, making sure that the handles are not resting on the body of the bag, and that it is always protected from any source of humidity, light and heat.
To prevent any alteration in the metallic accessories, avoid all contact with water, perfume, hairspray, and do not use any chemical products for cleaning them.
Be careful not to place your bag in contact with rough or abrasive surfaces: you are advised not to place it on the floor. We also recommend that you do not let it come into contact with other materials, to avoid any transfer of pigments.
If you ride a scooter or motorbike, take care to place your leather goods carefully in the transport case to prevent damage, and avoid all contact with other materials that could cause any transfer of pigments.

More generally, if your bag is soiled or marked, or if you have questions on caring for it and cleaning it, contact your Customer Service: at

One of our specialists will advise you and assist you with the best steps to follow.